The Art of Vinyasa

How to Build an Effective, Personalised Vinyasa System
Sunday 25th March 2018 11.00am – 4.30pm
Holyhead Studios, 16 Lower Holyhead Rd, Coventry CV1 3AU

Vinyasa is the name of the movement chains connecting the postures in dynamic yoga forms into a sequence. It is the heart and soul of styles like Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, etc.

Vinyasa (pronounced ‘winyaasa’) is often poorly understood and taught. This workshop will explore the various methodologies and techniques, in order to suit your needs, abilities and aspirations.

The elegant, at times acrobatic movement chains we see employed by advanced practitioners may not be easily accessible to all of us. But we can make adjustments to the techniques so that we achieve the best effects possible. Here are some of the major challenges when learning/practicing vinyasa:
– exiting a posture well prepared for the jump-back
– the ‘lift-off’ before a jump-back
– balancing on the hands while traveling through the jump
– landing softly, rather than crashing after the jump
– arriving into correct position for the following posture
We will address these challenges, and more…

We will learn to employ the four phases – Enter, Engage, Empower, Exit – to create an effective posture and movement chain system of our own.
The workshop will be suitable for all levels, and the content will be adjusted to the group’s needs and abilities. There will also be a questions/answers and requests part, to address individual concerns.

The cost of the workshop will be £50 per person, £40 for those on registered KiT programmes and for full time students. To book your place, please contact Ervin through the contact page.