Krama Integral Training and Paśyanti Yoga Workshop

Sunday 25th November, 11.00am-4.00pm
Holyhead Studios, 16 Lower Holyhead Rd, Coventry CV1 3AU

The workshop will consist of two parts – a yoga workshop, and an introduction to the Krama Integral Training system (KiT). Through the two parts we learn to observe, evaluate and improve our physical, mental and emotional state. Using techniques, methods and concepts from a wide range of sources, from yoga to modern neuroscience, we can ‘map out’ where we are with our bodies, minds and hearts. We can then design a bespoke self-improvement training package to suit our individual needs, abilities and aspirations.

Over the past months I have carried out a study and experiment, finding out what a low carbohydrate diet does to one’s metabolism. The findings were amazing: the impact on performance in exercise, on sleep pattern, on body composition and general wellbeing all round was very good. I will share details of the study with you at the workshop.

Physical Focus:
Do you find at times that the amount of physical activity/training takes up too much time and requires too much effort? If yes, then you are in a majority – most of us do. We will look at the efficiency and effectiveness of exercise regimes, particularly at dynamic yoga infused with ‘natural movement’ – the new training method within the KiT system. A highly effective mix of dynamic and static loads builds strength and stamina, improves body tone and flexibility. It even includes a bit of HiiT (high intensity interval training) to help shed some unneeded ‘padding’…

Mental Focus:
Through the technique of Constructive Introspection we will observe the activity of our mind and learn to tap into a wealth of hidden resources to improve the quality of our lives. The technique is broadly akin to Mindfulness Meditation, but provides additional tools to learn from the ‘self-talk’ that goes on inside our heads.

Emotional Focus:
Do you even know who runs your life? I suggest you probably don’t. We tend to have the illusion that our logical thinking, planning and info-exchanging with others has the overall power in making decisions. This workshop will show you who is hiding at the back of the head and secretly pulls your strings – and yes, essentially runs your life!

The KiT system works on the basis that each one of us has to take full responsibility for whom and how we are. Working in all three domains of the conscious human (body, mind and emotions), with the support of a suitable Mentor we can create a training plan that will address our needs. And guess what – the journey with your individually tailored KiT will be enjoyable!

The workshop will also attempt to ‘reconcile’ yoga with modern living. I don’t mean the commercial yoga churned out at fitness centres or done for showing off, entertainment, etc. The yoga I named (with guidance from my good friend and yoga mentor Norman Sjoman) Paśyanti Yoga is a discipline for intelligent living. “Intelligence comes into being when the mind, the body and the heart are truly harmonious” – to quote Krishnamurti. Paśyanti Yoga is about discovering, bringing about this intelligence. The insight, the ‘seeing within’, the ‘transcended voice’ – there is so much more to us than one would think… Let me tell you about this at the workshop.

The workshop will be suitable for all regardless of yoga experience or level of physical fitness, except where the individual is under significant medical treatment for illness or injury.
It is the intention to keep the workshop ‘organic’, alive – the emphasis can shift between subject areas according to the group’s emerging needs and interests.
There will be a 1hr lunch break and a couple of ‘natural breaks’. Please bring a light lunch and refreshments with you. Herb teas and hot drink making facility will be provided.
The workshop fee is £50 per person, £45 for those who are already on a KiT programme, including valuable and useful handouts / training aids that you can put to good use at home.
Please call me to discuss details and arrange your booking: Ervin, 078 500 457 99