Teacher Training

If you are an experienced yoga practitioner and want to learn to teach dynamic yoga styles, you can enquire about learning to teach. Acceptance onto a programme will always be on individual basis. The foundation of most programmes will be an apprenticeship type of approach, as this is the most effective way of yoga teacher training. We will work out a suitable programme together, consisting of theory (history and philosophy), practical anatomy and physiology, observing instructions, hands-on adjusting and instructing, class management and so on. The aim will be to create a comprehensive plan that suits your needs, abilities and aspirations.


Yoga Teacher Training Methods

You can train to teach with the western methodology, or through the ‘traditional’ approach. The requirements for these are different, your initial interview will determine which method will be suitable for you.

The content of the programmes, the times to attend various parts and the costs carry significant flexibility, to enable you to progress according to the time, commitment and resources you can put toward the plan you choose. A record of accomplishment and appropriate reference will be issued on successful completion of your programme, with details of the modules completed.

The information on this page will be updated time to time. Meanwhile you can enquire in person by calling Ervin on 07850 045799 or via the form on the Contact page. An outline programme sample can be sent out on request.