Yoga Classes in Coventry – do you need one?

Are you looking for Yoga Classes? There are many types of them, how would you know which one is best for you?

In fact the best way to start is to have an Initial Assessment to establish your needs, abilities and aspirations, with help from a suitably trained person – your potential Mentor. We will then be able to make an informed decision about level of training you need and which available option will suit you best.

In some cases the Assessment may not be necessary. If you don’t want to work to a Training Plan, just attend classes on a more ‘casual’ basis, then I can’t help you. The format of using a Training Plan is recommended, as it is significantly more effective.

After the Assessment you will be guided to develop your Outline Training Plan (OTP), detailing:
– the type(s) of training to undertake
– the training groups and workshops to attend
– training at home by yourself
– monitoring your progress with your Mentor
– any other parts, as identified at the Assessment

emnewteach2-bwFor total Beginners the most suitable starting level is the K1 level. Here you can master the technology and understand the theory of the dynamic forms and start to build your own practice based on solid foundations.

If you are a more experienced practitioner, or come to this training new, but are quite fit, you may be able to join at K2 level of training. This can be determined at the Initial Assessment.

Once you have enough experience and have developed your abilities adequately, you can practice the K3 level. If you’re interested in Mentor Training (Teacher Training), arrange to discuss how you could access a suitable training programme.Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.