The Art of Yoga – a Western Perspective

The fascinating ancient discipline is reviewed from multiple angles, physical and ‘spiritual’, at this Art of Yoga set of workshops, Friday-Saturday 28th-29th February August 2020, Joga-Yam Studios, Poznań, Poland. Suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced and those in teacher training or already teaching yoga.

Today there are so many ‘takes’ on yoga, so many ideas, so many schools, studios – and so much just masquerading as yoga… ‘Classical’ yoga was primarily a spiritual practice, yet today most schools/studios/teachers are only interested in the postural work, in the ‘showy’ part.

How is one to get a proper look deeper into yoga, and see what is possible to apply to one’s life in the Western world, producing a positive, perhaps even life changing result?

This workshop will consist of three parts: on Friday evening 19:00-20:30 an Introduction to the Art of Yoga exposing the subject in general terms and prepare for the following workshops. On Saturday 11:00-13:00 Understanding Posture and Movement in Yoga including interactive talk on the theory (30′) and practical Asana (posture) work (90′). On Saturday 14:00-16:00 The Internal Dimensions of a Yoga Practice including Pranayama (breath control), meditative and contemplative practices.

The programme will be led by Ervin Menyhart. Ervin started exploring yoga in 1984 in Australia. His training as a professional in the field commenced in 1999 in the United Kingdom. He has been trained by some top masters in India, US and the UK (James Critchlow, John Scott, David Swenson, Richard Freeman, K. Pattabhi Jois, Shri Sheshadri, continues to study, research and cooperated with good friend and mentor Dr Norman Sjoman). Ervin started teaching yoga in December 2000 and closed his last class in December 2019. He also taught yoga at Coventry University for over twelve years.

Ervin no longer ‘teaches’ in the regular sense, does not run classes. His role is more of a mentor, explorer, consultant perhaps… You can hear more about his experiences and current work at the workshops.

To find out about the fees and to book places, please contact Asia at the Joga-Yam Studios, Poznań, Poland