Paśyanti Yoga – Moving into Stillness

Empowered Posture and Movement Workshop
with Ervin Menyhárt
(Date to be confirmed, January 2019)
Holyhead Studios, 16 Lower Holyhead Rd, Coventry CV1 3AU

We will delve into the relationship of alignment, movement and stillness in posture work, tapping into some of the revelations regarding movement chains and body opening.

The main objective is to enable you to get more out of your training. Empowering postures for greater effectiveness and deepening of stretches will be the main subjects. Exploration of back bending and spinal twists will be a significant part of this workshop.

It will be suitable for all levels of practice beyond total beginners, and highly recommended to trainee teachers and those already teaching.

We will explore the alignment principles, the movements and stillness in the light of the four phases – Enter, Engage, Empower and Exit. Observing these phases in action, we can turn to our advantage the differences between ‘postural’ (or structural) musculature and ‘phasic’ (or movement) musculature. These different muscle structures have different fibres, and respond to exercise and rest differently. Separating them out and addressing their needs accordingly will make a substantial contribution to improving the effectiveness of your training.

We will do a lot of work in pairs and small groups, looking at details that can have great effects on the integrity and depth of a posture. We will also look in detail into the connective movements, to ensure we ‘step into the right place’ to establish solid foundations, and explore the movements within the various asana, leading to stronger engagement, deeper access and more effective release.

The fee for the workshop will be £50, £45 for those who are on a pre-paid Mentored Training Programme with Ervin.
Places are limited and will have to be allocated on first come first served basis. To book your place, email Ervin from the Contact page or call him on 078 500 457 99.