Paśyanti Yoga Beginners Course

Dynamic Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation

6 weeks yoga beginners course – in-depth training with Vin
Tuesdays 6.30-8.00pm, 10th Sep-15th Oct 2019

Holyhead Studios, 16 Lower Holyhead Rd, Coventry CV1 3AU

In the physical practice of dynamic yogasana first of all we must come to a good understanding of the two intertwined components – the dynamic part (vinyasa) and the held/static part (asana). Without an intelligent interface between the two no dynamic yoga form will work.

“When training in dynamic yoga forms it is essential to find the right way into the posture for setting up correct alignment. In my view an asana does not have its own alignment, but each individual person does, according to her/his individual body type, physical needs and abilities.” (Vin)

How do we enter a pose in order to establish solid foundations? How do we engage with the posture and ‘empower’ it? How do we exit after releasing a pose? It all needs a close examination. The four Phases – Enter, Engage, Empower, Exit – on this six weeks yoga beginners course these will be our ‘tool kit’, from the angle of posture and movement work.

We will also look deeper – what role does my mind play in yoga? How do my emotions influence what and how I do? Remember – ‘yoga’ means unity, integrity, and it applies to the whole human too – body, mind and heart…

The workshops will be suitable for all levels of practice, primarily aimed at beginners, and highly recommended for experienced practitioners, trainee teachers and those already teaching.

Often working in pairs and small groups, we will help each other to discover how some seemingly minor details can have great effects on the integrity and success of the postures and the connecting movement chains.

To have a complete yoga practice, one needs to learn to use the posture practice as the doorway, a portal for deeper work, and look what lays beyond. We will learn basic pranayama (breath control) exercises, and we will explore meditative and self observing techniques to build better access to our ‘internal dimensions’.

Cost: £60 per person including an extensive, useful set of handouts and other training materials

Booking: please contact Vin by phone or email from the Contact page

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