Ashtanga Workshop – see Ashtanga Yoga ‘naked’…

Ashtanga Workshop – the Ashtanga Yoga Primer, gateway to a successful Ashtanga Practice

To be arranged, coming January 2020

Holyhead Studios, 16 Lower Holyhead Rd, Coventry, CV1 3AU

Ashtanga Yoga will be stripped bare at this Ashtanga Workshop…

There are far too many myths and stories out there that have little or nothing to do with this amazing discipline. Multi-dimensional, addressing the whole human from body to mind and heart. Ashtanga means eight-limbed, yet in most places training and practice only includes one or two, mostly asana work (posture practice). It is time to understand and learn to utilise the whole set…

While the workshop will be mostly practical, there will be some exploration of the theory and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga too – it is good to know why we do what we do in this practice.

Detailed coverage of the physical work (Asana and Vinyasa, posture and movement chains) will help you build solid foundations for a dynamic, energetic, effective reconditioning practice. After all, the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is named Yoga Chikitsa, Yoga Therapy. You will learn how to enter, hold and exit the postures for the best result suited to your own needs and abilities. “A posture does not have alignment, but the person practicing does…” ‘Correct alignment’ will be the focus, but the ‘technology of flight’, the flying, floating movements connecting the postures will also receive special attention.

The workshop will be suitable for all levels except total beginners. It will also be very useful for teachers who want to teach Ashtanga Yoga or other dynamic yoga forms – they will get hands-on experience of teaching the Primer.

We will explore all major posture groups and take a closer look at their key elements:

  • fundamental alignment principles
  • technique of entering, holding and exiting the poses, with modifications where necessary
  • dynamic aspects (breath – movement synchronicity, Prana/Apana balancing)
  • use of Moola Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, ‘soft locking’ vs. ‘hard locking’
  • the ‘personal touch’, building a balanced practice by adjusting to your own needs, abilities and aspirations.

The workshop will consist of two sessions. The morning session will focus on the theory and technique, travelling through the sequence posture by posture, looking at all the important details. We will do some work in pairs and small groups to facilitate better understanding and practical learning. The afternoon session will be more detailed technique work, followed by a full flow of the sequence, where we can apply in practice the techniques we have learned during the morning session. Teachers can either practice the sequence, or practice adjusting others. There will be 20′ set aside for questions and answers and specific requests on techniques.

Please note that it is best to attend this Workshop on empty stomach, in order to be able to do the practical work. Please have your breakfast not later than 8.30 am, and bring a light lunch (fruit, salad, juice) for the lunch break. Herb teas and hot drinks facilities will be provided.

The cost of the workshop will be £45 per person, £40 discounted fees, please check with Vin if you are eligible for a discount.

Places are limited, and will be allocated on ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Contact Vin through the contact page to book, ask Ervin for bank details for an online transfer.