Benefits of Yoga

Yoga benefits our health and wellbeing all round. Depending on the style and method you practice, the intensity and level of commitment, there are many positive effects. The health benefits of yoga, particularly of the dynamic forms, can include improved cardiovascular function, respiratory health, better posture, overall fitness, strength, stamina, flexibility – the list is very long. As the dynamic forms can burn a lot of calories during a practice session, there are people who use this style of yoga trying to lose weight.

The internal dimensions also see the benefits of yoga – those who regularly practice will see an improvement in their mental performance, are able to rest better, to relax and keep stress at bay. Even the emotional world responds positively – the mind, the body and the heart coexist and cooperate more harmoniously. To quote the great teacher Krishnamurti –
“Intelligence comes into being when the mind, the body and the heart are really harmonious”

Our Method and its Key Benefits

The training within our framework offers a broad range of benefits to body and mind. Its power rests in its method – you travel through series of yoga postures and connective movements, with movement synchronized to your breath, generating deep heat throughout the body. With regular, committed, attentive practice we get ‘re-conditioned’ – the body gets re-aligned, it becomes healthier, more resistant to illness.

Strength and stamina increase substantially, body tone and flexibility and overall posture improve. The intense, deep heat generated throughout the body also has a powerful detoxifying effect. On a more subtle level, through concentration and self-observation the internal dimensions of the practice open up, so we can explore ourselves from a new, deeper, broader perspective moving toward greater harmony between body, mind and the emotional/intuitive self.