Lifestyle and Diet – misunderstood

The word Diet originates from the Greek language, and means more than just food. It means our whole lifestyle, including everything that impacts on the day to day living: our environment, relationships, community, the landscape around us, our movements and conduct throughout our days and nights…

To live a healthy life, we have to live intelligently – with due consideration to our impact in every respect, observing ourselves in our environment.

I am currently working on a very exciting project. I have conducted extensive tests (mainly around low carbohydrate and ketogenic diet and exercise) on myself following guidelines from an excellent organisation, information source and support system, Diet Doctor. Their website is superb, massive amount of useful information, updated continuously. It is my intention to bring ‘low carb living’ training into the centre of my work. Please have a look at Diet Doctor and let me know if you are interested.

I have recently joined the charitable organisation Public Health Collaboration (PHC), to help inform the public about major issues such as the obesity and diabetes epidemics. There is a lot of old dogma and deliberate misinformation compelling people to make bad, unhealthy lifestyle choices. PHC are working tirelessly to get the correct information out to the public and educate people in the field of health care (in the NHS and beyond). I intend to support this work wholeheartedly.

There will be more information on lifestyle here, but I will also build a separate, dedicated website soon.