Yoga Workshops

emnewteach2-bwThere are yoga workshops organised around various subjects most months, on a Saturday or a Sunday, and shorter technique workshops on some weekday evenings. The regular classes are usually ‘in full flow’ and can only fit in little exploration, so here we do slower, more detailed work, spend time taking a closer look at various aspects of the practice.

List of current Yoga Workshops

Krama Intelligent Training – Introducing the KiT – Experiential Workshop
Explore this highly effective holistic training, for Body, Mind and Heart…
Saturday 25th November 2017, ICE, Parkside, Coventry CV1 2NE (completed)

Empowered Posture and Movement Workshop with Ervin Menyhárt
Saturday 23rd September, Moksha Yoga Club, Budapest, Barcsay u. 14, 1073 Hungary (completed)

Empowered Posture and Movement Workshop with Ervin Menyhárt
Saturday 15th July 2017, ICE, Parkside, Coventry CV1 2NE (completed)

Yoga Workshops with Ervin Menyhárt.
Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2017
Tartu, Estonia (completed)
Details, in Estonian

Empowered Posture Workshop, Chapter 1 – Focus on Spinal Work
with Ervin Menyhárt (completed)
Saturday 4th February 2017 11:00am – 4:30pm
ICE, Parkside, Coventry CV1 2NE (completed)

An Exposition of Yoga with Dr N Sjoman, yoga event of the year in Coventry – excellent for all practitioners, trainees and teachers, Saturday 22nd October 2016, ICE, Parkside, Coventry CV1 2NE (completed)

Usually a yoga workshop targets areas of yoga practice the classes don’t have enough time to accommodate. Some workshops will offer introduction to a particular training form for beginners, another may be aimed at trainee teachers to learn adjustments. Others will deal with specific posture work such as back bending, inversions, hip opening, etc.

Attending workshops can go a long way to help you develop your practice, or your teaching skills. It will certainly help you to get a lot more out of the classes you attend. Please keep an eye on this page and ask to be included on our mailing list so we can keep you informed about coming events.

Most workshops are held at the ICE, Parkside, Coventry CV1 2NE. Please use the Google map for directions on the studio location page