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The ‘Works’ beyond the yoga instructors

emnewteach2-bwOver the years the breadth and depth of programmes and topics has grown, many different approaches/methods of teaching/sharing have been explored. Ashtanga Yoga remains only as one of the ‘seeds’ from which the current methodology has grown. It preserves some of the ‘original’ features, but it is now quite far from how Ashtanga Yoga is taught at its source in Mysore today.

Training programmes with us run exclusively on individual basis, in most cases based on an apprenticeship approach. We don’t believe in teacher training courses, as they throw the same stuff at everyone. They are costly and ineffective. Our research and personal experience have shown clearly that the traditional apprenticeship method is much more effective. The ‘standardised’ and ‘approved’ teacher training courses are often just ‘instructor factories’ mass-producing poor quality teachers at high costs. Please see more details on the Teacher Training page.

It is worth to mention here that the words ‘teaching’ or ‘instructor’ are not strictly appropriate to reflect how we see helping people to learn yoga. Krishnamurti said it very well when stating “you have to become your own teacher and your own disciple”. We are more of facilitators of learning, mentors – not one who assumes some position of the ‘knower’ and ‘bestows knowledge’. Our job is more that of a doorman – opening the door, encouraging you to come in and find out for yourself what’s within…

People are learning and working at various levels – we have a wide range of yoga practitioners, trainee mentors, active teachers and yoga instructors cooperating, sharing our knowledge and experience of yoga.

Some of our classes are assisted by trainee instructors, so those attending the classes get more attention and adjustments to make sure they learn the postures and movements safely and correctly, while the trainees/apprentices gain valuable hands-on experience in adjusting and instructing. When apprentices complete their training and set up their own classes, they continue to have my support as a mentor, if they require it.

Our work is developing locally, UK-wide and internationally, sharing the methodology with willing groups and individuals in Hungary, Poland and Estonia, with more to come…

People come to the yoga classes, yoga workshops and teacher training from many different backgrounds and with great variety of experience – suitable level of learning experience can be provided for most people.