Types of Yoga

Traditionally there are three main areas covered by yoga – working with the body, working with the conscious mind, and working with our emotive an intuitive self (by some also called the ‘spirit’). These three are essentially inseparable and none of the three can function properly without the other two. Recognising this ‘deep integrity’ is at the heart of our approach.

Currently the classes mostly focus on physical training through postures and movement chains. The regular training itself tends to trigger interest in the other two dimensions. Occasional workshops are organised and individual guidance is offered to address these. Since the majority of people seem to be interested mostly in the physical practice, we will start with this.warriors_bw

The physical training of postures and movement chains uses techniques from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and other styles and disciplines. Overall the training is designed to accommodate individual needs and abilities. In the class set-up currently there are three levels of training available, starting with the Dynamic Yoga Primer (DYP), or level K1. (‘K’ here means method, sequence, from the Sanskrit word ‘krama’)

K1 is our entry stage, preparing the practitioner by laying solid foundations. The four phases of postures and movement chains are introduced – Enter, Engage, Empower, Exit. Some important classical principles are embedded in the methodology right from start. After a few weeks or months, when you’re ready, you can move to the next level.

The second level used to be called Ashtanga Primer (AYP), now named K2, adds more postures and techniques. This can progress you on the path toward developing an Ashtanga practice, or lead to a suitable stronger level at Yoga Coventry. Here we have a mixed ability group, enabling individuals to develop at their own pace, according to abilities and aspirations.

The third level, K3, is more challenging than K2 above, as we start to do more complex postures and hold them for longer. This is the stage where we are working toward totally independent practice – this is our most advanced class at this time.

The above is just a brief description, more will be published soon. Please refer to the class timetable or other relevant pages to see more.