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Here at Yoga Coventry you will find:

– basic introduction to yoga and its history
– specific details of vinYoga krama, Ashtanga Yoga and other dynamic styles
– guidance on how to get started in learning yoga
– details of yoga classes in Coventry
– yoga workshops and teacher training
and much more.

"Your biggest challenge in yoga, as in life, will not be your body, but your mind. You must learn to train your 'inner Chimp'..."

“Your biggest challenge in yoga, as in life, will not be your body, but your mind. You must learn to train your ‘inner Chimp’…”

vinYoga general approach

In provision of yoga Coventry is continuously growing and evolving, in various forms, through many different methods. Like in most western countries, most studios, yoga schools and classes are almost entirely focused on posture practice, primarily as a form of exercise. The vinYoga methodology is also initiated by posture and movement work, and benefits from the wholesome exercise it provides, but also helps to access further, internal dimensions through self observation. There can be a lot more to yoga than just postures – if practiced with attention and commitment, yoga can have a great liberating power, helping to bring about harmony of body, mind, the emotional and intuitive self.

The posture and movement work is explored, developed and shared in various formats using the vinYoga methodology. They have at the core an adaptation of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method that originated in Mysore, South India, with a strong influence by correct alignment and body opening work through the lineage of Iyengar yoga, particularly the work of Norman Sjoman and Vanda Scaravelli.

To practice intelligently, we must recognise that we don’t live in India, have a different ‘ambiance’, different environment, different social, mental and physical conditioning, so over many years of practice and teaching experience the vinYoga method ‘adapted’ specifically to suit our own needs in the modern European context.

For those who are interested in looking beyond the physical practice and want to use yoga to unfold to their full potential, deeper learning is available. Our practice is backed up by a philosophy that essentially yoga is about integrity. The vinYoga approach takes a pragmatic look at concepts from the ‘eight fold path’ described in scriptures such as the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and other ‘traditional’ sources, and looks at their applicability in current western society. These sources, as well as our observations of modern living show clearly the need for sensible moral and ethical foundations, without which yoga is rather shallow, or perhaps not yoga at all…

Because of the many benefits they can offer, it is important to open up dynamic yoga forms to a broader audience. To provide this broader access, some lighter practice structures have been developed, modified postures and techniques are employed to suit beginners.
The physical practice methodology is currently laid out along three major practice streams:

vinYoga krama, or vinyasa based dynamic yoga

Ashtanga vinYoga, based on the Mysore school of Ashtanga Yoga

Sva Yoga Individual Learning and Private Tuition

emnewteach2-bwThe vinYoga composite name indicates a learning and teaching methodology, offering yoga classes, yoga workshops, personal tuition and teacher training in Coventry, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth and the wider Warwickshire and West Midlands area. Activities are also developing UK-wide and internationally – workshops and events in Hungary, Poland and Estonia, with more planned…
The vinYoga method is not a mainstream, money-led, commercial operation, nor is it offering any ‘spiritual enlightenment’. The primary purpose here is to learn, improve and share, through intelligent practice of yoga, for the benefit of all those who come to us.